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A Danish National Repository of Learning Resources

This website is dedicated information concerning Materialeplatformen - a national repository of all Danish learning resources. Materialeplatformen is initiated by the Danish Ministry of Education an opened on-line in April 2006. Managed and further developed by National Agency for It and Learning on behalf of the Ministry.

Materialeplatformen is governed by a steering board, with representatives from

  • Educational publishers and producers of learning resources
  • Regional Centres for Educational Services
  • The Danish Association of School Librarians
  • The Ministry of Education and National Agency for It and Learning.

The aim of Materialeplatformen is to:

  • Simplify search of learning resources through a common gateway holding metadata/descriptions of learning resources from a multitude of sources. The platform offer a comprehensive overview of all learning resources across publishers/suppliers and educational areas.
  • Build upon common standards to increase visibility of, and ensure updated information about, learning materials. Therefore metadata must be displayed in accordance with common standards and through existing webservices.

It should be added that a learning resource is defined as any resource useful for support of learning or teaching, with a defined learning objective described through metadata (in accordance with the standard DK-LOM).


Further information can be found in this presentation (PDF).

Questions concerning the project can be addressed to Niklas Grønlund Lind.